You Are The Reason

For this new season

Joe Merkle


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Born in spring, a new life begins
A baby boy born of woman
Inheriting his ancestor’s sins
Crying over once again being human


Youth manifests its boundless energy
Sun rays bake skin golden brown
Playing, prancing, light and fancy-free
With energy that knows no bounds


Tree leaves that fill VanGogh with jealousy
Love blossoms within expectant hearts
Lover’s bodies meld zealously
A lifetime ahead for these sweethearts


The icy cold clatters these aged bones
Heartbroken by Death’s finality
The flag I fly is skull and crossbones
My body, icy cold, stiff, shivering

But Then…A New Mysterious Season

An angel of mercy graced my threshold
Tossed aside my insistent futility
Gently, she removed my blindfold
Now spending eternity exploring infinity



Joe Merkle

I write about love, life, loss, kindness, and gratitude. Toss in some fiction and humor and you have the meanderings of a multifarious writer.