The Kiss

Yes, that kiss

Photo by Andriyko Podilnyk on Unsplash

I took for granted all the things you were capable of. In my defense, it was completely understandable as anyone would have found it incomprehensible. At first glance, during the unlikely chance we met, I was stunned by your beauty. Even more awestruck by your smile, which in some magical way was reflected in your eyes. And the kiss, our first kiss, shattered my senses and shook my soul. Brought me to my knees. A reaction only past lifetimes shared could explain. I felt home.

In no time love blossomed within me which I had no idea I was capable of. And that was simply a reflection of the love you bestowed upon me. Nothing tangible that you could hold in your hands. A love that pervaded each thought, each breath. Multiplied by infinity when I held you in my arms.

How does one describe the indescribable? Words, thoughts, actions are such poor mediums. It simply is. Humans have struggled to describe this thing called love. Many have tried. Shakespeare wrote, “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind”. Iris Murdoch wrote, “Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real.”

There are millions of examples like these written about love. Every one of them is wrong. What, you say? How can that be? They can’t all be wrong? Yes, they are.

Love is indefinable. It is a gift granted to soul by God. God’s gift to us. Far beyond the understanding of the human consciousness.

Occasionally we have glimpses of divine love when we are open to it. And there is no mistaking it when it occurs. It overwhelms your entire being. In those moments, those few and precious moments, throw your arms open wide and dive in. That is what I was fortunate to experience when I took that dive. It wasn’t a moment in time, a day in the life, the good years, nor a leap of faith.

It is an emersion. Being emersed in a love that demands all of you and returns it a thousand-fold. Something beyond thought and emotion. Something words fail miserably to describe. It is all. My gratitude for this awakening knows no bounds. Like love, it is boundless. One cannot experience this while “looking for love”. It is already within you. The greatest gift. Simply give in to it.

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