All Democracies Die

America’s is not exempt

Joe Merkle


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I have been avoiding posts and articles regarding politics lately. For obvious reasons. But after watching the shocking fiasco in the United States House of Representatives led by a totally dysfunctional Republican Party, I felt this needs to be said.

Exactly what do MAGA voters want from our government? NOTHING! They want to shred it and toss it into the annals of history as just one more democracy that has failed.

They are angry. Not because of anything in particular. But because their anger is being stoked by some whackjobs who have figured out a way to profit from a lazy citizenry. It’s so much easier to be a follower than an informed voter.

Democracy is hard. It takes an educated, thoughtful, curious citizenry to make it work. It is no accident that many southern states have been dumbing down their educational systems for decades.

It takes government leaders who are willing to hash things out, no matter how long it takes, to come to an agreement both sides might find hard to swallow, but can live with for the betterment of this country and democracy.

Democracies survive only when their citizenry is motivated to elect people who will fight against injustices while remaining pragmatic as opposed to voting out of revenge or Arcadian ideas. But now we have at least 40% of voters in this country buying into social media nutjobs that have only selfish objectives. To overthrow our democracy and replace it with an oligarchy. These so-called patriots are aware this will lead to total chaos, allowing them to rule and profit from it.

And don’t dare voice a different opinion. You will likely be jailed, or killed. Your family will be attacked. We will have a government by the mob, for the rich and decrepit who only care about their bank accounts.

Make no mistake about this. This is exactly how every democracy fails. And this country is a hairsbreadth away. If you don’t have a passport I suggest you get one now. You may soon need it. But be careful of your choices. Democracies are under attack on a global level.

Throughout history, the word “democracy” has been used to describe many forms of government. Direct democracies such as France tried in the late 1700s led to Napoleon’s rule. If you’ve seen Les Miserables you will have some idea.

America has had the longest-running democracy in known history. Longer than the Athenian direct democracy that lasted nearly 200 years.

All governments fail. Democracies, autocracies, monarchies, oligarchies, communism, socialism. They all fail for the same reason. Humans are flawed. America’s downfall will be for the same reason. It is run by humans, elected by humans, to rule humans. What could possibly go wrong?

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