A passion play

Photo by Loïc Van der Heyden on Unsplash

A swirling, twirling, snowflake, she dances
Each step a synchronized chance
The chilling winter wind, he’s a willing partner
Snow knows he’s a real charmer

Spinning, glistening, it’s a passion play
Snow and Wind actors on the stage
The Wind howls in romantic delight
Snow succumbs below him on a blanket of white

Snow says I am yours, take me for a ride
Wind abides, Snow’s orgasm now amplified
Together they lie for what seems an eternity
A kiss, goodbye my love, Wind whispers earnestly

Broken-hearted snow begins to tear
Wind was her copilot, her buccaneer
Alone, her drifting morphs to melting
Soon to meet her future lover, River flowing

©2022 Joe Merkle All rights reserved



Joe Merkle

The meanderings of a multifarious writer. Lived long enough to realize love is the only thing in life worth pursuing.