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What if I told you approximately 150 people run this world? How could such a thing be possible? Why would global citizens allow such a thing to happen? Who could possibly believe such a thing?

Well, 150 people are running this world. They are the elite members of NGOs. You just don’t know it. Or worse, you have chosen to ignore it. They have no loyalty to any country. They operate from a global viewpoint.

They decide who runs governments, banks, stock exchanges, companies, and even religious institutions. They decide which countries will thrive. …

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The first time set the stage
Before I had an age
When the doctor placed me in my mother’s arms
And she took my hands to count my fingers

The countless times my mom and dad
Held my hand to keep me safe
The countless times I reached out
For their hand to feel safe

Oh that first love, that set my heart aflutter
That nervous, anxious reach, praying she reaches in return
That galactic collision when hand touches hand
A great awakening by such a simple act

And through my life, I have been so fortunate
To have met true…

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He was in no hurry. On a beautiful day such as this, every moment was one to cherish. The breeze was rustling through the palms ever so gently as the white willow wisps of clouds painted ghostly shadows on the gently rolling hills.

It had been a long time, lifetimes to Paul since he strolled through the narrow cobblestone streets of this tiny seaside fishing village. The villagers were just now beginning to start their day. The women could be heard in the houses trying to stir their families into action. …

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Like any mother, I am fond of all my earthly creations. I do my best to see each of my species thrive and interact with their brothers and sisters in a symbiotic nature. And like moms of any species, I too must on occasion teach them there are consequences for naughtiness.

This may surprise you, but it is not easy trying to maintain a balance of over 15 million species.

Let’s just say Christmas dinners are rather chaotic.

Like many parents of all my species, I have a difficult time disciplining one of my own. But there comes a time when caring love is not enough. When drastic…

The Dust Bowl reaches New York City Photo by history.com

The “Greatest Generation” of Americans survived the 1918 Spanish Influenza Pandemic as young children. My father, uncle, and aunt were three of them. Fortunately, none of them were school age. The schools remained open in Chicago during the pandemic because it was believed they would be safer there than in the streets. This turned out to not be the case as children died at a higher rate. This also happened to coincide with the struggle many families were going through while our country was supporting the WWI war efforts. Not the best of times to be born into. …

What if everything you believe in is a lie? How could this be you ask? How can I have lived a lifetime, no matter how short or long, worked so hard and learned so many of life’s lessons, and have someone tell me all I have come to believe is a lie? Crazy…right?

Did you also believe in Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny? How’d that work out for you?

You were convinced by the people (most often family members) that you trusted the most in your life that they were absolutely real. How could you not when presents were under the tree, money was under your pillow, and eggs were hidden around the house?

What happened…

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What determines the value of a life? Is it the size of one’s bank account? Or, is it the quality of life one leads that determine this value? Sadly, it seems the former is becoming more of a reality with each passing generation. Let us take a trip back in time when this was not the case.

Let’s revisit America the last time it suffered from a catastrophic pandemic in 1917–8. America was a country experiencing a great transformation. Like many countries across the globe, America was still adjusting to the great changes the Industrial Revolution created.

Rural Americans, by…

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What makes for a great illusion? One that is so convincing you have no doubt it is real. Any master illusionist who has mastered the art the illusion will tell you that confidence and attitude will help sell the illusion. It is easy to sell the trick to an audience that is a willing participant. But the illusion itself is what stands the test of time.

This is not unlike what we as souls create for ourselves time and time again. We, souls, are a fun-loving, playful, experimental bunch. Not unlike a child. …

Joe Merkle

The meanderings of a multifarious writer

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